Graphic Recording.What is it?

We turn up with a big bit of paper and draw what people say.

Hand drawn visuals help meetings and workshops because people think visually. Audiences and participants respond enthusiastically to the work of our Scribes. This high level of engagement is invaluable to an event organiser who has worked hard to bring so many people together in the same place. At the end of a day you’ll be left with a completely unique representation of your discussions and conclusions.

Graphic recording works beautifully for everyone and we’re proud that our clients range in size from our local schools to multi-national organisations in every industry sector. All businesses and organisations expend a lot of effort running meetings and creating events. Graphic Recording delivers an extra visual element to your events, bringing them to life and creating a lasting visual record.

What is a graphic recorder?
Infographic of a Graphic Recorder (or Scribe)
What will the scribe do?

The practicalities

There is more to it than simply turning up and doing a big drawing. We need somewhere to draw, a wall or a board. We need to be able to see. And the audience needs to be able to see the image while it’s made and after. Then again, we can always just bring an iPad!

A scribe arrives at the conference
A scribe sets up at the conference
A scribe graphic records at the conference
A scribe graphic basks in a warm glow
Will it be a distraction to the audience?

YESIn a good way.

One of the most common questions we are asked by event organisers is ‘will graphic recording be a distraction to the audience’ to which we answer ‘yes’. A Graphic Recording Artist will be doing their best to wow the audience, to entertain, educate and inform. But this is always better than the audience looking at their phone or staring out the window. They are looking at the drawing, and receiving the information in different way.

What is the official definition of 'Graphic Recording'?

Graphic Recording is the creation of large scale imagery to capture groups and individuals progress towards a goal. The method is used in various processes such as meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. This visual process is conducted by a graphic recorder.

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