Live Illustration – Irresistible, influential, inspirational

Graphic Recording Agency

We do In-person and Virtual Scribing. We graphically record virtual, hybrid and in person events. These can be workshops, events and conferences for clients across the world.

Why? Because illustrations make a real difference to the way people experience, process, and use information. And that means you do business better.

Why bring your virtual event to life with graphic recording?

Visual stimulation is powerful stuff. Pictures engage people instantly, keeping them focused. This is what we'll do for you:


Capture your people's creativity, ideas and insights


Illustrate immediate responses to discussions


Reveal the potential that words alone can miss

A home working cartoon


Create visual minutes that pin down the heart and soul of your meeting


Make your ideas unfold live as you speak, expressed as influential, inspirational drawings


Note down everything that happens and make it all truly memorable

Graphic Recording Artists

Our artists, or Scribes as they’re sometimes called, have extensive experience in the business, education, science, arts and charity sectors. We’ll select the best Scribe to record your meeting or event digitally, bringing it to sparkling life with their talents.

What we do

Whether it’s a workshop, a stakeholder meeting or a huge conference we’ll work with you to make sure that we capture every crucial element in a visually engaging and stimulating way. 

A Graphic Recording of the future of the M25

Graphic Recording

Created live, these images are immediate responses to the discussions had in the workshops, meetings and conferences they are drawn in. Created through careful listening, the Scribes use their years of experience, business intuition and drawing skills to create visual business documents that activate audiences, scintillate speakers and capture creativity. See examples of the work we have made live in front of audiences…

Graphic Recording

Workshops & Conferences

Graphic recording is a useful tool for a number of business needs. Whether you need visual minutes or want to add interest to technical information, we’ll work closely with you to create something that makes the right impact. Conferences are a great opportunity to showcase your business and industry. Whatever size your conference, we’ll provide the right number of Scribes to capture everything that happens.

Drawing for Business

Every event is different... get in touch to find out how we can visualise yours!