Virtual scribing and remote facilitation

Virtual Graphic Recording

We now offer live digital graphic recording of meetings and events. Simply we can plug in remotely to your meeting and visualise it as it happens. This really helps video conferences and virtual events stick in the mind, and engages audiences as they look at their screens.

We can help with designing a meeting that gets a clear and tangible results throughout. We have experienced facilitators and scribes who will deliver the experience. And we can generate an illustrated report post meeting.

Virtual Scribing

Digitally visualising virtual meetings.

We have been using iPads to digitally scribe events for years now. We have found them to be a great way to draw live and plug into AV systems and wow audiences. Virtual meetings and video conferences are now more popular than ever. And we have been working hard to integrate what we do into this new virtual space.

How it works

Whatever your tech is.. we can help

We typically use Zoom and sometimes Skype to live illustrate meetings. We join as a participant and apply the same deep listening and visual skills that we would if we were in the same room. And we create visuals of the discussion. These outputs can be integrated into the meeting at key moments as they are drawn live via screen share.

a list of how to have a meeting online
The Live Illustration Virtual Meeting Manifesto

Businesses across the globe are searching are working without being physically present. Our friends at Event Manager Blog have many cool Suggestions. We’ve shamelessly stolen their ideas for the Live Illustration Virtual Meeting Manifesto

  1. Clear goal. This lets the graphic recording artist know what to listen out for and how to create a handy image for use during and after the meeting.
  2. Establish Rules of Engagement. Everyone knows how to act throughout the meeting.
  3. Have a meeting facilitator. Keep the meting in 30 minute chunks with breaks.
  4. Level the playing field - handy use of the mute button.
  5. Assign additional roles from within participants: Timekeeper, Notetaker, Tech Support, Conversation assistant.
  6. Sort outage tech issues before they happen.
  7. Insist on Eye contact. Look at the camera!
  8. Virtual Icebreaker! There are so many to choose from…
a list of how to have a meeting online

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