Drawing of an elevator dial

People who’ve seen us at work understand how powerful what we do is, which is why clients come back to us again and again. But for those who have never heard of graphic recording, it can be tricky to explain ‘what we do’.

Some people call it scribing, graphic recording or visual minutes. We call it live illustration! It’s the art of visualising and recording the the key points of a meeting or event in real time. 

We love cartooning, the highest form of drawing in our opinion! It’s not just funny pictures. It’s about communicating complex concepts quickly and accessibly. As people discuss ideas and explain their thoughts we capture them in an engaging combination of words and images. Cartoons and illustrations are a great way to help people grasp and remember what they’ve heard. 

And there’s something magical about watching a large, empty sheet of paper fill up with your ideas. 

The digital versions of the live drawings we create are a great tool to connect with audiences after an event and a memorable way to share outcomes. So when trying to work out to simply explain what we do, it took us much longer than it should have to work out that the best way was to draw it…

Illustration of what is a graphic recorder