Virtual Scribing

What is Virtual Scribing?

We have tweaked our definition for Graphic Recording and to suit remote digital graphic recording

Virtual graphic recording - or scribing - is the creation of digital imagery to capture groups' and individuals' progress towards a goal. The method is used in various online processes such as online meetings, virtual seminars, digital workshops and streamed conferences. This visual process is conducted by a virtual graphic recording artist or virtual scribe.

Virtual Graphic Recording is exactly the same as normal scribing, except the graphic recording artist is working remotely. And rather than say ‘remote graphic recording’ we went with ‘virtual’ because they’ll be plugged into a computer.

We still listen to what people say and visualise it. But perhaps now, more than ever, a scribe live-illustrating a meeting performs a vital role. Meeting organisers are in a battle for participant engagement, a battle that’s more fierce than ever before. Our skills help businesses engage people like never before. What a great match!

An artists impression of the new world of virtual scribing. Drawn by one of our Graphic Recording Artists.

A visual engagement tool..

A set of visuals from a meeting provide an incredibly hook for people to latch onto, and it all takes place within a virtual online meeting space. The goal is to simplify complex ideas with hand drawn visuals, and the digital delivery mechanism allows for an even more direct delivery of that information, straight to people’s screens.

Tech Agnostism

There are many different forms of virtual or remote meeting tech out there, so we have a highly adaptable approach. Is your event a call with 10 people in it? Is it a webinar with a 1000+ and live Twitter polls? Is it a live stream going out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers? A virtual graphic recording artist adapts to all these scenarios. The artistic core remains the same, but the technology we use to harness it is different.

General guidelines..

Just like in-person graphic recording on a stage, drawing the action live really helps video conferences and virtual events stick in the mind. It’s all so much more memorable, impactful and influential than an ordinary digital business event.

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