Top 3 questions our clients ask

1. How much information does the Scribe need before an event? 

Live graphic recording is very much about capturing conversations as they happen. We can (and often do) turn up to draw with very little information apart from an agenda and the key messages the organisers would like captured. 

However, the more information the better especially if you’ve got a specific set of objectives in mind. So we’re always happy to review documents and slides and we’ll always schedule in time for the client and graphic recording artist to have a briefing call before the event to set expectations and goals for the day’s drawing.


2. Can we take pictures of the drawings during the event?


Our drawings make great social media posts both during and after an event. We find our illustrations always capture people’s interest and are a great way of communicating complex or technical ideas to your audience. 

And if you know that you want to share the graphic recordings we create for you on Social media  let us know and we can produce digital images to exactly right dimensions for all channels – ready for you to share. 

We also have our own social media channels so would love you to tag us in your posts. 

*unless the meeting content is top-secret of course!

3. What happens to the drawing once it’s finished? 

Before leaving the original illustrations with you, we take a series of high-resolution photographs of the drawings to send back to our Studio.

Drawing of a graphic recording drawing boardThere, we’ll carefully reconstruct and enhance the images, add logos if required and make any edits required before sending back digital images.  You’ll be able to create a lasting impact for your event by sharing these high-quality digitised images in print or on the web.