Reasons to be cheerful on a laptop

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The world of work has changed forever. The business world has be sent to work from home. And it’s important as we all have to do our bit to flatten the curve. And while there are many terrifying things going on, there are still some reasons to be cheerful.

Virtual working is good for the environment picture

1. It’s good for the environment

Every business traveller extends a certain level of cognitive dissonance when they get on the plane. We know what we are doing. Now instead of sitting in a traffic jams on our own we are at the breakfast table for an extra hour. Instead of sitting on a plane to have a meeting in a similar office half way round the world we’re flipping open a laptop in a hastily constructed bedroom office. Instead of burning (quite as many) fossil fuels we’re nipping up stairs for a call and still getting things done..

A person working remotely

2. More Focus

When we flip that laptop open for a call to make it good we need more focus than ever. Meeting hosts have more responsibility than ever before to make sure their meetings are engaging, concise and to the point. People are exposed to multiple distractions. Without the normal office rules, meetings need to be engaging, with clear goals and a lot shorter. This is a good thing for everyone.

A person working in a new way

3. Opportunity to do things differently

For every one Youtube Star with a massive microphone and great camera there are approximately 14million people on Zoom accidentally muted with their cameras angled up their nostrils. Some people have been in the virtual meeting, online events and streaming space for years. Everyone else is rapidly catching up. We are going to see people getting better cameras, sorting out their backgrounds and wearing a shirt for a call. But this is also a great opportunity to ditch the 9-5 day, remove the need for an office to meet in and throw away the old agenda…

Do not despair, we have many things to be cheerful about in our new world of work. See you online!

Illustration credit Jack Brougham 2020