A Graphic Recording of a Volcano

In 2017 we visualised a conference titled ‘Building Resilience to Geohazards in the Face of Uncertainty’ at the Geographic Society in London. It featured many talks on Volcanoes, Landslides and Earthquakes. It was thoughtful, scientific and terrifying.

A drawing showing a Chinese Debris Flow
A scribe of a talk about the Makran Subduction Zone

The hour and twenty minute scribe featured four speakers. All of whom delivered startling talks on the research areas to the uninitiated. The headlines are if you can see a post earthquake debris flow heading towards you say your prayers as you have minutes to live. There will be a giant earthquake in Iran as the Arabian sea is trying to get under it. Small island communities have not been helped by colonialism, and it’s the legacy of poor infrastructure that causes terrible problems. And if a volcano goes off nearby it’s everyones problem.

Disaster Management on small islands drawing