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Frequently asked questions on how hand drawn can visuals help your next conference, meeting or workshop

What do I need to know about Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is where someone comes along to your meeting and event and draws what people are talking about. Some people call it scribing, we call it live illustration!

Graphic recording has become increasingly popular with businesses who want to engage their employees and audiences at events. Its a form of graphic facilitation, but we like to add a healthy dose of cartooning.

What is Graphic Facilitation and why do I need it?

Graphic facilitation allows you to run meetings and events in a highly interactive way. You use images, diagrams, Post-It notes and templates to gather ideas and conversations. Graphic recording came directly from this new visual thinking methodology for running meetings.

The ambition is always to pull as much information out of the participants as possible. Visualising an event as it happens is a bridge between the audience and the speakers.

But you have lots of cartoons?

We love cartooning, the highest form of drawing (in our option!). It’s not just drawing funny pictures, it’s about communicating complex concepts quickly and accessibly. It’s about capturing ideas as they are formed, quickly. These cartoons and illustrations for business help people grasp dense and complicated subjects.

Won’t the audience get distracted by someone drawing?

Yes, they will get distracted by the person drawing. But in a good way. If an audience member’s attention is wandering grabbing it back again with the graphic recording is great method for keeping them focussed on the content. Rather than looking out of the window, if they are looking at the drawing, they will still be thinking about the meeting or event.

Can we take pictures of the drawing during the event?

Unless we are visualising your top secret business strategy then we positively encourage people to take photos. They make great social media posts during the event and help people to augment their own notes. Tweeting, instagramming or generally broadcasting the image as the event goes is a great piece of engagement!

What happens afterwards?

We take photos of the drawing send these back to our studio where our expert Artworkers will carefully reconstruct them. These digitised images are clear, crisp and his resolution so they’re suitable for print or web. The images created are a great tool to reconnect with your audience after the event and share the information after the event with clients and colleagues who weren’t there.

Do you need lots of information about the business or the event before you come and draw?

No. We can pretty much turn up and draw without any prior knowledge whatsoever. Our Scribes respond to presentations and conversations as they are happening.

However, it is always useful to know something about the event, the business and the key messages pre-event. The better briefed we are the more able we are to capture the critical information that your event is trying to get across. While we are experts at creating visualisations on the fly, there is no such thing as ‘cheating’ when it comes to pre-knowledge of an event so we’ll always arrange a briefing call or meeting with your Scribe ahead of the event.

Will the speakers mind having their talks visualised?

No, they will love it! We’ve always found that Speakers are thrilled to have a visualisation of their work. And they (as well as anyone else) are welcome to come and inspect the image and suggest tweaks and changes.

Our event isn’t like a normal event, we’re doing something different.

Every event is unique, no two are alike. The only thing all the events we do really have in common is that they substantially benefit from having someone drawing.

Whatever your requirements, be it a fully drawn show booth, a digital scribe on a giant screen or a piece of audience interaction we can help find the best way to visualise your event.

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