For memorable conferences and business meetings

Illustration for Business

Hand drawn visuals help meetings

Meetings are serious business. Words are incredibly powerful. Imagery is equally potent.

Blend all three and the result is an incredibly effective and memorable way to put messages across in a way they’ll be remembered.


A collaborative process to clarify ideas

Whether it’s sitting quietly at the back of the room with a sketchpad or asking the delegates to contribute ideas using post-it notes, we’ll work with you to establish the best approach for your event.

While you discuss and explore your ideas, our Scribe will draw and write – your meeting will unfold on paper in the most imaginative and creative way, documenting the salient facts and most important aspects of your conversations.

Direct communication of complex ideas

Our business drawings can be shared within your company and beyond. These creative visualisation will ensureeveryone involved has a crystal clear picture of the subjects you covered, the thought processes you went through, the issues you resolved and – ultimately – the decisions you made.

Illustration for Conferences

Conferences are a key time to make connection, have crucial conversations and facilitate learning across a company or industry. Graphic recording is an effective way of capturing a story of the day.

How it works

Every event is unique and we’ll guide you through every step in the process




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