A collaborative process to clarify ideas

Whether it’s sitting quietly at the back of the room with a sketchpad or asking the delegates to contribute ideas using post-it notes, we’ll work with you to establish the best approach for your event.

While you discuss and explore your ideas, our Scribe will draw and write – your meeting will unfold on paper in the most imaginative and creative way, documenting the salient facts and most important aspects of your conversations.

Cartoons are about direct communication of complex ideas. Our business drawings can be shared within your company and beyond. These creative visualisation will ensureeveryone involved has a crystal clear picture of the subjects you covered, the thought processes you went through, the issues you resolved and – ultimately – the decisions you made.

How do I get a Graphic Recording Artist to make my event memorable?

Making it happen

A business conference is a creative, highly innovative forum which our graphic artists are perfectly placed to record. It’s the perfect combination. Here’s how to make it happen…

Contact Us

The Brief

Contact us about your event and we can work with you to make the most of the Graphic Recording. We’ll talk logistical details as well as business aims and work with you to establish exactly what you need.

The Proposal

Once we’ve talked we’ll send through a personalised, thorough brief so you’re totally clear on the costs and expectations.

Your Scribe

One of our small team of talented Scribes will be specially selected for your event and we’ll introduce you ahead of the event so you have a chance to brief them on your requirements. Together you’ll work out exactly how to capture the key messages from your event.

A drawing of a plane, board, lorry

The Logistics

Our Event producer will oversee everything and work with you, the venue or an events company to make sure that everything is on-site before your event.

A scribe drawing

The Drawing

The best bit! Our Scribes will combine their wealth of experience, consider your briefing conversations and use their incredible drawing talents to create something that uniquely captures your event.

Drawing of a graphic recording drawing board

The End of the Day

We’ll leave all the original drawings with you but before we do we’ll take a series of photographs to send back to the Studio. This is your chance to add to or amend the drawings they have created.

Using the work post event

After the event, we’ll provide you with high and low resolution digital images along with a licence so you can use the images created on the day to distribute to delegates, post on your website or even have printed and displayed in your offices.
The digital image will ensure a lasting impact of your event amongst your clients, customers and colleagues.

Rich Pictures - A more detailed image

A single rich picture Rich Pictures can transform your completed, technical or wordy business concepts into an visual form that will make your ideas easy for your audience to understand.

Working with you and using just the right combination of documents, conversations and meetings, we’ll create the perfect infographic for you.

It all starts with a conversation then we’ll use our years of experience to work out exactly how to get your ideas into a Rich Picture.