Booking a Graphic Recorder (How to do it and why you need one)

You want to make the most of your event budget and an illustration by one of our graphic recording artists can bring a creative and engaging energy to your next conference or company meeting. 

We’ll work with you, using our years of experience in live drawing for business to figure out exactly what you need from business aims to the logistics. We’ll take the time to understand your business and your event. 

We know the right questions to ask and we’ll use this information to pick exactly the right graphic artist from our small, talented team so you get the illustration you need.

Infographic of a Graphic Recorder (or Scribe)
A Graphic Recorder and all their kit

Our Scribe (or Scribes if you need more than one artist) will combine their extensive experience and drawing talents to create an illustration that completely captures your event – in a totally unique way.

Once we’ve enhanced the image in the studio, we’ll send you a high-high-resolution digital drawing that your can use to ensure that your event has a lasting impact amongst all your stakeholders – from colleagues to customers.