Drawing of an elevator dial

What is Graphic Recording? Working out our Elevator Pitch.

Drawing of an elevator dial

People who’ve seen us at work understand how powerful what we do is, which is why clients come back to us again and again. But for those who have never heard of graphic recording, it can be tricky to explain ‘what we do’.

Some people call it scribing, graphic recording or visual minutes. We call it live illustration! It’s the art of visualising and recording the the key points of a meeting or event in real time. 

We love cartooning, the highest form of drawing in our opinion! It’s not just funny pictures. It’s about communicating complex concepts quickly and accessibly. As people discuss ideas and explain their thoughts we capture them in an engaging combination of words and images. Cartoons and illustrations are a great way to help people grasp and remember what they’ve heard. 

And there’s something magical about watching a large, empty sheet of paper fill up with your ideas. 

The digital versions of the live drawings we create are a great tool to connect with audiences after an event and a memorable way to share outcomes. So when trying to work out to simply explain what we do, it took us much longer than it should have to work out that the best way was to draw it…

Illustration of what is a graphic recorder

Picture of a graphic recording

From Rabbits to Fintech : A week in the life of a graphic recording agency.

From Rabbit to Fintech. 

A week in the life of a Graphic Recording Agency. 

The start of October has been an incredibly busy month us here at Live Illustration, with Scribes travelling all over the country to draw for several different clients from large corporates to smaller not-for-profit organisations. 

Last week whilst one of our Scribes drawing the landmark venue of The Gherkin building in Central London, another was in a huge conference arena in the midlands. And it’s not just the locations that have been varied but also the focus of the event and content of the many conversations that we’ve captured…

We spent 3 days at the BVNA Congress drawing delegate contributes to the professional development pathway for a Veterinary Nurse that the BVNA want to promote.

Starting with a blank wall, we drew for the 2 days of the exciting PayExpo 2019 conference which brought together a diverse group of people in the banking and financial sector to discuss the future of payment ecosystems. The wide-ranging focus of the event provided lots of interesting and thought-provoking content for us to capture.

Picture of a graphic recording

Learning about Customer Experience with MaritzCX at the CX Forum2019 


And discussions around the future of Cities with a specially selected group of industry leaders brought together by Knight Frank.

Graphic Recording about the Future of our Cities drawn for Knight Frank.

All of them shared the drawings from their events on Social Media channels whilst our Studio was busy digitising the graphic recordings for use by all the organisations and attendees at the events. 

Graphic Recording from and FCA TechSprint Event in 2019 drawn by Live Illustration

FCA TechSprint Winners

We recently drew at another fascinating event for the FCA. We illustrated a competition run during an AML and Financial Crime Techsprint which challenged industry leaders to come up with innovative, new solutions in the fight against financial crime. 

This is a snapshot of the illustration we did for them over 2 days of the winning idea. Team Citadel, which included participants from Data Robot, took the top prize. You can find out more about the event and their ideas over on their blog

Graphic Recording from and FCA TechSprint Event in 2019 drawn by Live Illustration

Graphic Recording of LGBTQ Conference

LGBTQ in Graphic Recording

Seeing all the Pride events happening around the Globe this month reminded us of the illustrations we did for the Rhodes House LGBTQ forum back in 2017. It was such a thought-provoking event and it was so interesting to look back on the graphic recordings we drew that day.

As ever, the sheer variety of subject our graphic recording artists are called to cover is incredible and we’re lucky enough to regularly get the chance to hear speakers to are experts in their field – this event was no exception.

So we thought we’d share some of the live graphic recordings we created on the day which captured some of the key messages from the event.

For a fuller context of these illustration and the discussions which they captured, have a look at this blog post 

Rhodes LGBTQ Forum 2017: Over the rainbow? LGBTQ in our Changing World

Drawing of a cartoon figure sticking to a speech bubble

Stories are Sticky, especially when you visualise them.

This is a small part of an illustration done by one of our brilliant Scribes and it reminded us why we do what we do. 

We’re often called upon by our clients to capture their stories – whether it’s the account of a single day of a business conference or recording their company’s journey to success.

There’s something about the way a Graphic Recording story captures the imagination of the audience in a way that just words alone can’t. 

We’re amazed by the variety of stories we’re asked to tell. Every meeting, conference and client illustration is totally unique – just like the illustrations we create for them. 


Drawing of a graphic recording drawing board

Top 3 questions our clients ask

1. How much information does the Scribe need before an event? 

Live graphic recording is very much about capturing conversations as they happen. We can (and often do) turn up to draw with very little information apart from an agenda and the key messages the organisers would like captured. 

However, the more information the better especially if you’ve got a specific set of objectives in mind. So we’re always happy to review documents and slides and we’ll always schedule in time for the client and graphic recording artist to have a briefing call before the event to set expectations and goals for the day’s drawing.


2. Can we take pictures of the drawings during the event?


Our drawings make great social media posts both during and after an event. We find our illustrations always capture people’s interest and are a great way of communicating complex or technical ideas to your audience. 

And if you know that you want to share the graphic recordings we create for you on Social media  let us know and we can produce digital images to exactly right dimensions for all channels - ready for you to share. 

We also have our own social media channels so would love you to tag us in your posts. 

*unless the meeting content is top-secret of course!

3. What happens to the drawing once it’s finished? 

Before leaving the original illustrations with you, we take a series of high-resolution photographs of the drawings to send back to our Studio.

Drawing of a graphic recording drawing boardThere, we’ll carefully reconstruct and enhance the images, add logos if required and make any edits required before sending back digital images.  You’ll be able to create a lasting impact for your event by sharing these high-quality digitised images in print or on the web.

Infographic of a Graphic Recorder (or Scribe)

Booking a Graphic Recorder (How to do it and why you need one)

You want to make the most of your event budget and an illustration by one of our graphic recording artists can bring a creative and engaging energy to your next conference or company meeting. 

We’ll work with you, using our years of experience in live drawing for business to figure out exactly what you need from business aims to the logistics. We’ll take the time to understand your business and your event. 

We know the right questions to ask and we’ll use this information to pick exactly the right graphic artist from our small, talented team so you get the illustration you need.

Infographic of a Graphic Recorder (or Scribe)
A Graphic Recorder and all their kit

Our Scribe (or Scribes if you need more than one artist) will combine their extensive experience and drawing talents to create an illustration that completely captures your event - in a totally unique way.

Once we’ve enhanced the image in the studio, we’ll send you a high-high-resolution digital drawing that your can use to ensure that your event has a lasting impact amongst all your stakeholders - from colleagues to customers.