From Rabbit to Fintech. 

A week in the life of a Graphic Recording Agency. 

The start of October has been an incredibly busy month us here at Live Illustration, with Scribes travelling all over the country to draw for several different clients from large corporates to smaller not-for-profit organisations. 

Last week whilst one of our Scribes drawing the landmark venue of The Gherkin building in Central London, another was in a huge conference arena in the midlands. And it’s not just the locations that have been varied but also the focus of the event and content of the many conversations that we’ve captured…

We spent 3 days at the BVNA Congress drawing delegate contributes to the professional development pathway for a Veterinary Nurse that the BVNA want to promote.

Starting with a blank wall, we drew for the 2 days of the exciting PayExpo 2019 conference which brought together a diverse group of people in the banking and financial sector to discuss the future of payment ecosystems. The wide-ranging focus of the event provided lots of interesting and thought-provoking content for us to capture.

Picture of a graphic recording

Learning about Customer Experience with MaritzCX at the CX Forum2019 


And discussions around the future of Cities with a specially selected group of industry leaders brought together by Knight Frank.

Graphic Recording about the Future of our Cities drawn for Knight Frank.

All of them shared the drawings from their events on Social Media channels whilst our Studio was busy digitising the graphic recordings for use by all the organisations and attendees at the events.